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  • Review: The Profoctor Predicament | Oblivity

    And "The Profoctor Predicament", an online escape game inspired by a UK podcast program "Oblivity", is And the guys behind "Oblivity" got. This. Down. Of note, you do not need have any prior knowledge from "Oblivity" to play this game. Yet, this switch in art form did not falter Oblivity. So pleasing, in fact, I see potential for "Oblivity" to be fully animated one day.

  • Review: The Bewitched Circus | Society Of Curiosities

    by an assignment from Grandmaster Pennywise...wig, Pennywig, partnering us with ground team member Oliver However, there are plenty more other extraordinary things to discover on our journey with Oliver. One thing that's struck me as a bit off-putting is just how eager Oliver is in helping me succeed in what I cherish about solving puzzles is the temporary struggle prior to a pivotal realization, and Oliver Though I was working with Oliver, it sounded not all that different from Pip.

  • Review: The Vanishing Act Remote (Remote) | Locurio Escape Rooms

    She begged Casey to unravel the secrecy behind her employer before she, too, vanishes into oblivion.

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