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This last category of play-at-home games is one that you may already be familiar with... Ever heard of board games? These classic boxed toys paved way to the myriad of adventure, puzzle, and escape game like products widely available today.

No matter what format these games take, they all have one thing in common: you MUST possess certain key props on hand in the physical "real world"; otherwise, you CANNOT proceed. Examples include:


ESCAPE ROOM IN A BOX: These are, much like the name suggests, a collection of escape room like puzzles, neatly packaged into a retail cardboard container, ready for entertainment. These are quick and simple, just "pick up and go", no preparations needed.


SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE: Similar to magazine subscriptions or meal prep delivery boxes, a fresh new batch of puzzling fun will be mailed right to your door at a regular interval. It's food for your brain! Most companies ship either by monthly or quarterly basis.

PRINT AND PLAY: Unlike the previous two categories, there's absolutely no traveling or waiting required with "Print And Play". Everything you need is provided in a digital format; just print and assemble! Grab a pair of scissors, some glue and tape, it's craft time.


This market is highly variable and continues to evolve. Many products now incorporate the internet for game play, hints system, and/or solution verification. So don't be surprised to see some games spilling over to the "Online Puzzles" family!

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