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​Online Games & Puzzles 


This is probably the category that most people are the most familiar with when it comes to online games, puzzles, and adventures. If you remember the golden age of Flash games, you already know the basis.


These included games, however, definitely lean more towards the undeniable signature vibe of escape games, as opposed to just any online entertainment. You know what that means... PUZZLES! The most obvious instance would be a point and click room escape that originally spawned this entire industry, but much has evolved since.


Nowadays, there exists wide array of format, theme, and style. Most contemporary examples involve games that aim to solve a mystery or complete a mission through a series of challenges. While majority of such tend to focus on mental work, some would occasionally employ Google searches and supplemental real life tasks. Variety is on the rise every day still, in fact! The "Monthly Mystery" from The Escape Game gives a wonderful taste for those who want a sampler.

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