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Staying At Home 


In the matter of weeks, the coronavirus outbreak in the United States changed the face of the country. Due to the robust transmissibility of this new bug, social distancing became the new norm. To reduce risk of spreading, a minimum of six feet between individuals was highly advised, and crowd gatherings were quickly prohibited.

However, things escalated quickly as new infection cases rose exponentially, and many states eventually implemented stay at home orders. In addition, businesses were forced to temporarily shut down to help flattening the curve, in hopes of giving our healthcare system a fighting chance to battle the deadly disease, COVID-19, caused by the novel virus.

Most unfortunately, owners of escape room businesses and escape game enthusiasts would be out of a chance to provide and enjoy physical escape rooms in person, respectively, for months to come.

As millions of people were staying home in quarantine to stay safe, the entrepreneurial minds within the community, refusing defeat, courageously said,


"Hold up! What if we bring the games to our customers?"


Even prior to the necessity of operating businesses remotely, long before customers' inability to leave their homes except for essential activities, home puzzles and games always existed. This isn't something completely new.

What's new was the explosion of talented folks creating games, or converting already existent options, and distributing them in innovative ways in response to the pandemic. This eliminated many health concerns and kept businesses going.

As of mid-2020, the catalog of offerings you can enjoy from the comfort of your home has grown beyond anyone's wildest expectations. The variety and the sheer volume of at home entertainment to explore and enjoy truly exemplify what creativity and perseverance can achieve... with a little help from modern technology and the internet, of course.

Gathered below are some categories of puzzling fun one can enjoy fully dressed in pajama and never leaving bedside.

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