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Host Led Experience 


This category of games does not exactly fit with the M.O. of an escape room per se, but let me clarify.

For me to consider an online remote experience as a "remote escape room", I would, to the very least, require it to have a real life location that actually houses an escape room set. By this definition, options that utilize voice only broadcast (with no live video), or those containing puzzles solely presented as virtual online games, will be listed here instead. For instance, an audio led "escape room" would be included here. (This does NOT imply they're inferior--just different.)

Furthermore, if a particular game lacks a clear objective or process in the traditional escape room sense, it may fall under this section as well. A good example would be a immersion dominated experience with little to no mental challenges.

However, they all still have one commonality: a game host/master is still present and required for the game to run.

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