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  • Review: Operation Nightwalker (Remote) | MindTrap Escape Room (Murrieta)

    Operation Nightwalker from Mindtrap Escape Room (Based In Murrieta, CA, USA) ◣ GAME'S SPECS 🕹️ Stay Operation Nightwalker (Remote) | Credits: MindTrap Escape Room (Murrieta) What follows the next hour Operation Nightwalker (Remote) | Credits: MindTrap Escape Room (Murrieta) The avatar (and the second And that's exactly what Mindtrap served us tonight with much savvy. To tag on a related note, as expected of Mindtrap, the set looks professional and fantastic; and as I

  • Review: Gold Rush (Remote) | MindTrap Escape Room (Temecula)

    Success Rate) ⏲️ Time: 60 Minutes 🧑 Capacity: Up To 10 Connections 🔐 Booking: Private 🏢 Company: Mindtrap • • • • • ◣ THE REVIEW Mindtrap Escape Room is a household name in the Southern California AIM FOR THE GOLD(EN GLOBE) Based on an already available escape room in their Temucula location, Mindtrap BECOMing KANAKA JACK "Gold Rush" is the Mindtrap's token beginner's room, meaning all the puzzles are IN CLOSING Lastly, I want to give a specific shout out to Mindtrap's self sufficiency for developing

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