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Review: Turing Test | 60Out Escape Rooms (Koreatown)

Turing Test

60Out Escape Rooms

60Out Escape Rooms presents...


Are you human? Prove it!

Escape Mattster




Company: 60Out Escape Rooms (Koreatown)

Company Website: Click Here & Here

Address: 135 S Western Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90004

Game Name: Turing Test

Game Website: Click Here

Time Limit: 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Capacity: 4-8 Players

Room Type: Private



"We now exist in a world where human intelligence and artificial intelligence are indiscernible, and you must prove that you are who you say you are, human. It's just your normal check up, nothing new. False positives are quite rare, so you shouldn't worry, that is, unless you have something to hide?" (via official website)



A modernized twist on the classic prison breakout escape room motif, the futuristic "Turing Test" is one the most ambitious games from 60Out--or any company--currently available. Dressed in a standout theme, offering a large and attractive game stage, and featuring an eclectic collection of puzzles, Turing truly is a test--of your problem solving and communication aptitudes.



*Please note: This review is based on the beta test version of the game. Your experience may vary due to probable changes and/or improvements implemented in the final, public release version.

"Turing Test"--a game that's quite different from all other rooms I've played thus far.

Before diving in further, please note I've already done this location's other games "Nautilus" and "The Orphanage". And with this proper set up, let's celebrate this notion early on: I liked "Nautilus" much, absolutely loved "The Orphanage", and "Turing Test" turned out to be another surefire hit.

Turing Test

"Yes, 60Out? I'd like to book 'Turing Test', please." | 60Out Escape Rooms (Koreatown)

This 60Out branch at Koreatown is, without a doubt, as the kids say it, LIT.

As mentioned, even though I experienced the beta version of "Turing Test", I was nonetheless already so positively blown away and intellectually impressed by its unofficial "work in progress", I am super confident to recommend this game to all fellow escape room players, even as it was! And I'm sure the final product available today is destined to amaze.

The premise was eccentric and abstract, but oh-so-intriguing. Just the title of "Turing Test" begot a Google search by little old (ignorant) me.

What exactly is a Turing test?

Well, it is a "method of inquiry in artificial intelligence (AI) for determining whether or not a computer is capable of thinking like a human being." But in 60Out's world, the definition is simplified: it is a test to find out if you're human or machine. That's as much as you need to know going in.

With minimal requirement of 4 players, all teammates would be separated at the start of the game. And having brought exactly 4 subjects in my test group, we were all mercilessly ushered and imprisoned into our own futuristic, oh-so-brightly-lit, computer-controlled "jail cells". And the testing commenced!

If you're veteran player, you've probably guessed at the reference of "jail cells", that the initial part of the game design banked heavily on hindered communications. Essentially, this is your familiar prison escape trope, but on steroids!

This made the early portion quite challenging, but its difficulty level is ultimately dependent, or even dictated, by how well you could relay messages between your own teammates effectively. The more chemistry you share among your group of friends, the better you should theoretically fare.

How well do you "get" your friends? You shall find out!

Turing Test

Cylinders and Cones? It's like elementary math class all over again! | 60Out Escape Rooms (Koreatown)

And while the exterior might look a bit modest, I assure you, the interior of this game was top-notched, superbly-theme-appropriate, and much, much, MUCH bigger than you'd ever anticipate.

In fact, this is one of the *most* ambitious 60Out games I'd ever participated in.

In addition, since there's a heavy high tech component involved, a lot of random techs, props, and sets were incorporated to the theme's advantage to coalesce together one weird, wonderful experience. (Many of your senses involved & tested!) There's nothing quite like it, and that's EXACTLY why you should go play it.

Turing Test

Le gasp! My favorite kind of cube! Rubik's! | 60Out Escape Rooms (Koreatown)

For a 60-minute game, this game went on forever during testing, and my group clocked at 80 minutes with all tasks finished. (But don't fret! The owners have since informed me that the overall game play has been modified, and many current customers are able to beat the game under time limit.)

There are unbelievably LOTS to complete! The journey was long, winded, and very, VERY fun.

Cooperation among individuals was an ongoing theme, and I especially appreciated how the designers forced you to switch partners during game play to ensure you struggle to the max, having to work together with different members of your team at different times. So forget having a perfect partner; you'll need to work well with everyone!

Furthermore, since you start off in different rooms, and are challenged by various puzzles that are solved as a joint effort with different members of your team, no one single participant's exclusive experience is the exact same. Everyone walks away with an one-of-a-kind memory, which makes for a very interesting post-game chat, or better yet, replay value.

Theoretically, from what I gathered, you could easily experience this same escape room at least twice without encountering any same puzzle for about 75% of the game.

So! Something to keep in mind before blabbing out all the particular details of your own Turing journey ;)

Turing Test

I, too, am curious to find out what they're staring at the ceiling. | 60Out Escape Rooms (Koreatown)

To avoid rendering this post super long, let me just lightly summarize that production value was every bit as impressive as the game play, but there's no doubt in my mind that it's the game's complexity that would leave you talking about it for days to come.

And since the beta version did not have a complete & clear narrative, I cannot comment on the plot line of this room with confidence, but there is one! And from what I heard from the staff, it's quite the devious story with a surprising twist that may threaten your very existence!

Or it could something else. Who knows? Why don't you go play this Grade A room and let me know?

Turing Test

What'll stump you the most? Polygonal sphere, black cube, or a handful of balls? | 60Out Escape Rooms (Koreatown)



Mattster's Difficulty Rating:


Notable Strengths:

Intriguing Themes, Family Friendly, Innovative Creativity, Production Value, Immersive Atmosphere, Satisfying Challenges, Impressive Technology, Unexpected Surprises, Affordable Pricing, Attractive Lobby, Affable Staff, Customer Service

Great For:

Escape Room Regulars, Expert Enthusiasts, Close Friends, Sci-Fi Buffs, Family Bonding, Communication Training

Tips & Advice:

Street parking available, though may be scarce on the weekends. Game requires extensive and clear communication between teammates, hence not ideal for true beginners. A minimal of 4 players will be separated into 4 different cells in the beginning, so plan accordingly. (For instance, those with less escape game experience should consider buddy-ing up!)


Signing off,


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Full disclosure: complimentary game access was generously provided for review or testing purposes. All media are sourced from and credited to rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended. In certain cases, media materials are made available under fair use doctrine of copyright law. 60OTuring.


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