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Review: NHS, Thank You! | Cryptic Events Mobile Escape Rooms


Cryptic Events Mobile Escape Rooms (Based In The United Kingdom)


🕹️ Stay At Home Games » On Hand Items Required » Print & Play (PDF File Based) Puzzle Game

💪 Difficulty not specified.

⏲️ Time duration not specified.

🔢 Capacity not specified.

💬 Hints available via automatic responses on Facebook Messenger. (Actual person may also chime in.)

📝 Game requires printed materials and writing utensils.

🛒 If you ACCESS GAME due to this blog, please give a shout out! ;)


💪 Difficulty: For Mattster's team of 1, easy, 2/10. Those unfamiliar with certain physiology terms may have a harder time.

🔢 Ideal Team Size: 1. The puzzles are pretty simple, best reserved for a quick solo run-through.

🤷‍♂️ Best Fit For: Healthcare staff! A fun, little treat designed specifically to honor our front line, essential workers.

🍵 Boils Down To: A cute packet with 7 neat puzzles themed after medical knowledge or general healthcare setting.

🙂 Overall Rating: A simple print-and-play doubling as a "thank you" message, this gets a solid A for intention and effort.


No premise given, just straight to the point: Cryptic Events Mobile Escape Rooms appreciates National Health Service (NHS) workers for their sacrifice during a national crisis, so they designed a delightful pick-me-up that may lighten the mood after a draining shift at the workplace. And it's FREE for everyone to play!


Background • Feeling Appreciated... Kinda

While I normally won't cover a short print & play with a full blown blog entry, this one hits me differently. Cryptic Events from the UK wants to send a thankful message to their healthcare workers for all that they do, serving their community tirelessly during a global pandemic. And this company is doing so with what they do best--with fun puzzles!

I don't know if being served brainteasers is everyone's cup of tea after an exhausting day, but *this guy* certainly won't mind! Having been a healthcare worker for most of my adult working life, (yeah, bloggers actually have to go to real life jobs, too... unfortunately!) I understand the struggles of Britain's NHS during the worst health emergency in years on a personal level. To effectively de-stress is of utmost importance, and a handful of fun puzzles can't hurt.

And though this overseas package is technically not addressed to me in the US... Well, what am I to do? It isn't like any company in my homeland has made us one! So let me just feel some of this love from the other side of the planet. Aww.

NHS, Thank You! | Credits: Cryptic Events Mobile Escape Rooms

Puzzles • High School Science Lessons Finally Paid Off!

Puzzle 1: Never did I ever suspect the word "stripes" to be an anagram. Until now. I've been enlightened!

Puzzle 2: This was clever. It wasn't particularly troublesome to complete the first step. But to deduce and infer the actual solution from the previous clues was fun. Definitely a step up from the first round of warm up.

Puzzle 3: A puzzle where basic physiological knowledge of the human skeleton system really came in handy. Though you can eventually crack the codes with a little bit of research, it's much easier if you can name bone(s) spelled with a particular number of letters off the top of your head. So allow me to bask in this glorious moment. Ah.

Puzzle 4: It's a maze. Yup.

Puzzle 5: Oh no. Placing items in a grid according to certain set of rules is a logic puzzle that I usually do not enjoy! This stands out as particularly difficult, but you need not to solve it for the meta finale... if you can guess well. In fact, I backtracked and solved this last. It's called being resourceful, and not cheating, mind you.

Puzzle 6: I suspect this is a misplaced stock market index chart, and hopefully not a very grim looking EKG. Though if and when you do find out why an EKG was there, there's no denying it's wholeheartedly appropriate. Wink!

Meta Finale: Thank you, but not for myself, but for all the hardworking heroes of every nation, not just UK, not just US, but every nation on Earth. I sincerely thank you. Be nice, be kind, and be understanding of one another.

NHS, Thank You! | Credits: Cryptic Events Mobile Escape Rooms

Final Thoughts

I have reviewed quite an amount of at home entertainment since this crucible began, and to encounter a puzzle pack curated entirely with front line workers specifically in mind is indeed something special--so I cherish this moment. :)

Signing off,


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