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Event Recap: Sherlock's Study | Exodus Escape Room (Rowland Heights)

Exodus Escape Room

Exodus Escape Room presents...




Company: Exodus Escape Room (Rowland Heights Branch)

Company Website: Click Here & Here

Address: 19271 Colima Rd Unit E, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Game Name: Sherlock's Study

Game Website: Click Here

Time Limit: 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Capacity: Recommended For 2-8

Room Type: Public



"In the midst of a murder investigation, Sherlock Holmes has been kidnapped by the very murderer he was trying to catch! Now, it is up to you to piece together the evidence he has left behind in his study. Will you be clever enough to step into Sherlock’s shoes and solve the mystery?" (via official website)



Here is a carbon copy of my Yelp Elite Event recap post, posted originally on 02/13/2019:

I am the EscapeMattster (IG)...

...Escape rooms became an unstoppable phenomenon in the recent 2-3 years, and I, with no exception, had willingly fallen victim to this addictive hobby. In the span of 1 year and a half or so, I had completed roughly 60 escape rooms, give or take. I still remember being so emotionally affected after my first 1 or 2 rooms, that I was extremely compelled to verbalize my running thoughts and many praises for the respective escape room companies--that's actually how I really got started as an avid Yelp reviewer.

And as I wrote more and more *extremely* long and detailed reviews for my first 10 to 15 rooms or so, I felt even more so motivated to outreach more audience to read my Yelp essays (haha) because I truly believed escape rooms, when done right, is a true craft. Not that much so different from video games, escape games are a relative new form of entertainment, and I wanted to make sure it'd stick around for years, rather than just being the latest trend. And to do so, I aimed for that Elite status and red badge, banking on the fact that Elite reviews in general would gain more credibility and exposure. I worked my butt off for a few months, and finally, I got that fateful message from our CM Margaret.

Exodus Escape Room

Storefront | Exodus Escape Room (Rowland Heights)

Ever since, I'd always wondered if there'd be an escape room based Yelp Elite Event because, dude, this is literally what's hip and happening right now, and isn't that what Yelp is all about? Imagine how elated I was to be informed about this event--everything's truly come full circle. This is really happening: I played, I reviewed, I went Elite, and now I got to play AS AN ELITE. Holy crap. This event really meant a lot to me, and I practically forced Margaret to make sure to put me on that guest list.

So without further ado, I sincerely extend my gratitude to our SGV CM for organizing this event, and for her to have so fortunately selected a company that I had yet to try, and to allot a time frame that spanned from 6 to 10 pm. Had this event been shorter, I would've still been stuck at work at the hospital due to my unpredictable schedule. Gratefully, all stars aligned, and I got a spot at 8 pm. Super. (And by chance, I even got assigned to play in the same room as 9 other wonderful teammates, including none other than our CM Margaret. It's beyond cool.)

Having checked in, received my event freebie (Cute notebook! But is there any lunch bag left?), signed the guest book, and emptied my bladder, I was ready for my voluntary lock down for the next hour. Connor, one of the hosts, whom I believe was also at least one of the management staff or owners, went over some basic rules, and off we went into Sherlock Holme's study. You see, Sherlock's been kidnapped by the very murderer he's aiming to capture, and he needs our help to exact justice by helping the seemingly useless police to solve the case... before it's too late. You know, since he's being held hostage somewhere, and should he meet his untimely death. Lol. RIP, SH, if that's the case.

Being no stranger to this hobby, (one may even rightfully say that I'm obsessed with escape rooms,) I'd read tons of reviews for our venue "Exodus Escape Rooms RH Branch" prior to this visit. And I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised to realize many negative comments found on their Yelp listing were more or less unwarranted. Without turning this event review into one of my full blown game analysis, I'd say simply, while production value was modest, and story line seemed a tad weak, the game play itself was fairly solid, and the experience was most definitely enjoyable. It's a very "gen 1" style game with tons of locks, keys, and codes, without a lot of smokes and mirrors magic, but execution was clean and effective. It's beginners friendly without being too convoluted, and very ideal for today's event purpose, considering the large fraction of guests who's never done an escape room before.

I've greatly appreciated my time inside "Sherlock's Study", relished our collective triumph as a group, and just overall super thankful for Exodus for hosting our event. Though "in the real world", so to speak, playing an escape room with strangers at maximum capacity usually spells disaster, I was delighted to find out I'd experienced the exact opposite tonight. I guess the Yelp Elite family isn't the average consumer after all. Team work at its best, we busted open that door in about 44 minutes with 3 hints. Great job, guys. I hope each and everyone of you enjoyed your game as much as I did.

Without the slightest doubt, this is one of my favorite time in my Elite experience thus far, and I feel truly happy to be able to have shared those moments with those I'd met tonight.

PS: Margaret, please organize more escape room events! Fellow Yelpers, if after tonight, if you feel a burning fervor in your soul that escape rooms are your calling, feel free to DM me with any question! And hey, my IG EscapeMattster always welcomes more audience ;)



Sherlock's Study

The Yelp Elite fam solved the mystery for Sherlock himself in no time | Exodus Escape Room (Rowland Heights)


Signing off,


Instagram @EscapeMattster

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