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Review: Miss Jezebel Online (Remote) | 60Out Escape Rooms (Downtown)


💪 Difficulty: N/A

⏲️ Time: 60 Minutes

🧑 Capacity: 2-8 Players/Connections

🔐 Booking: Private

🏢 Company: 60Out Escape RoomsBranch

📝 Note potential time difference when booking!


🕹️ Format: Remote Escape Room

💻 Platform: Zoom (Live Avatar, Video, & Audio Feed), Phone (Optional)

🎒 Inventory: No

📝 Features live actor and immersive theater interactions, 18+ only restrict for adult contents and language


📝 "Miss Jezebel" resolve around gathering evidence to end the lady of impudence's ceaseless murder (happy) trail. Into the mistress dungeon we go--18+ participants only!

📝 Not a typical escape room. Immersive theater is as much as, at times if not more, of a show than it is a game. Those who want a straightforward puzzle game will be in for a shock.

📝 Abandon your typical routine for a remote escape room. Adapt to a new style of game play: Let your host lead. Solve using what you're shown. So a bit of a curve ball here.

📝 Outside the box thinking, going beyond your comfort zone, and dipping into adult only humor territory are all "must" in this game. So be aware of what you're signing up for.

📝 Brilliant avatar & iconic Jezebel actor. Do look forward to their phenomenal performance.

💪 Difficulty rating: With Mattster's team of 3, it's a little difficult at times!

🧑 Best team size: For everyone to get a piece of Miss Jezebel, limit to 4 guests.

🧑 Best audience: 18+ players with open minds and willingness to be risque and wild!

• • • • •





You are cordially invited to the residence of a killer, an assassin of men who’s showing no signs of stopping. Can you and your friends survive her ‘hospitality’ and collect all the evidence against her before this bizarre black widow traps you in her web for good? Come experience 60Out’s wildest, weirdest, and raunchiest adventure against the devious debutante herself at Miss Jezebel’s Tea Party!

• • • • •


Miss Jezebel, a night of steamy action, or your last supper on Earth? Before continuing, please note, like the subject, this blog post is rated 18+. Adult language ahead!

Miss Jezebel: Please do not venture beyond my nether region if you're under 18.


"Miss Jezebel" is 60Out's first immersive theater option in their long roster of great escape games. The in-person experience invites patrons to dine as dinner guests in the home of the titular character, but also tasks them to secretly gather evidence for the femme fatale's cold blooded murder of her ex-husband (and many of her other unfortunate flings).

The live streaming version sees a slight adjustment, though the basic premise remains the same: our team of police officers are still assigned to the same goal, except we the players will remain safely at HQ, providing remote assistance to our on-site colleague's earpiece.

Posing as Tinder user BeefyDaddy69, a hunky bait date here for dinner (and maybe more if things go right... or awry), Officer Hanson aka Handsome (an alias we got to select) will infiltrate deep into the murderess's lair to ultimately (and hopefully) end her killing spree.

But officer, better watch out. No matter how beefy, this girl's ready to carve, slice, and dice into her prey, and gobble up whatever's in her way. With an insatiable appetite, she can certainly devour a whole lot of man. I am guessing 12 inches.


Having boldly branched into a brand new territory of immersive theater play, 60Out Downtown branch is giving its audience something different, and excelling at it at the very first try.

Somewhat resembling of a traditional escape room at times, this is mixture of puzzles, theater show, interactive role play, comedy and slight horror, all in one glorious orgy where parts are mashed together, and it just feels. So. Right.

And if you're uncomfortable at the sight of the word "orgy", you better man/woman up, honey, and do it fast, because this headliner is nothing but constant 18+ adult dirty fun. If it ain't dirty, funny, or both, it ain't happening here.

Within the very first 5 minutes of meeting the fierce Jezebel, who's rocking a plunging low cut blouse, exposing her lusciously hirsute cleavage, we were also soon introduced to her "special friend" whom I shall refer to as Double Dong. Alliteration because I'm poetic and classy, and dong because, you know, penis!

And it's from this very first of many penises that set the right tone for the rest of the game--"Miss Jezebel" is big, solid, and one hell of a ride.


Because the shift in gear, your usual puzzle solving experts who would dominate...trix (keeping the adult theme going) an escape room may not fare nearly as well. And sadly, myself included. Gah.

Instead, the lovable jokesters in your social circle may get to shine their brightest here at J's apartment of death. Those quick on their feet, possessing power to fire back witty comebacks and not afraid to get a little risque in the process--in other words, improv masters with dirty minds--will most likely have the best time.

Even though this is technically still an avatar led remote escape game, I would argue it's more a of story, even a stage show, if you will, with game elements. Very early on, I could tell we won't need to direct our avatar much, but instead, he would lead his camera angle where it needed to be to further the narrative in a linear fashion.

Once he's where we should be, the story moved along its pre-determined track, the "puzzle of this step" was presented, and we would solve it to advance to the next segment.

As far as puzzles went, they were technically easy, though occasionally perceived harder in the moment due to the added pressure of live actors interaction, and the relatively limited active control from the participants. The key approach here is, let them lead the way, take notes of what you're shown, and use what you're given.

Shockingly though, the most enjoyable "puzzles" were not even nearly like the ones you'd typically expect in an escape room, though there was still a couple that fit the usual bill. And that's understandable, because, again, this is NOT your typical escape room.

Of ones that erected (*grin*) from the rest, there's one particular challenge that was so very immersive, it broke the fourth wall even. (Although I now wonder if this "puzzle" would differ if we were overseas customers?) A close runner-up was a mission that required such outside the box thinking, my team let out a collective "Ohhhhh!" when epiphany finally hit.


Nope, this p is not for penis.

P is for paint, because fun fact, I've already once visited this very same residence back when it was inhabited by the Krampus monster. Though the basic layout remained the exact same, the new story, characters, and decorations made the same location feel strangely unalike.

In fact, I was so attentively engrossed and delightfully distracted by the entire situation, my prior knowledge, which should've been a slight advantage, completely vanished. What's left behind was an almost brand new experience.

P is also for personalities, for the actor and avatar involved would truly make or break this online game. It always takes some balls to establish an adult themed entertainment, and these two gentlemen indeed have the exact pairs needed to commit and perform this level of lewd and hilarious absurdity.

Shout out to Patrick, (ah, the P force is strong with this blog post), the actor who reprises as his usual role, who's now become synonymous as the face of "Miss Jezebel" in the LA escape room community. Ahhh, to be graced by the queen's presence, we did get lucky after all.


To be honest, though being absolute the worst at anything improv, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. But of course, any game that had me legitimately asking "May I please play with your p****y" in the most literal, respectful way possible deserves a special page in my play book.

"Miss Jezebel", much like a certain other type of... errr... encounter, is a smashing blast no matter in person or over the net. Give our girl a (booty) call, experience her "special package" (100% her words--can't make this up), and fondly reminisce together the morning after... if both of you survive the night, that is.

• • • • •


★ Let your inner beast of an actor run wild. Provocative role play encouraged.

★ Whatever that you're thinking of, however ridiculous, it's fine! Just do it.

★ Phallic object(s) can save lives. Yep. You read that right. In my case, anyway.

Signing off,

Escape Mattster

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