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HAUNTED • DISTRICT 3 ESCAPE ROOMS • Remote Escape Room Review


🏢 COMPANY: District 3 Escape Rooms • WebsiteOnline Games

🏘️ ADDRESS: 2237 6th Ave, Regina, SK • Google Map

🗾 COUNTRY: Canada • Check Time Zone Before Booking!


🕹️ GAME: Haunted (Remote Escape Room) • Booking/Pricing

⏲️ DURATION: 60 Minutes

💬 DIFFICULTY: 5.5/10 (Company) • 4/10 (Mattster's Team of 3 or 4)

👬 CAPACITY: 2-8 Players (4-6 Players Recommended)



🖥️ PLATFORM: Zoom (Video/Web Conferencing App)

🚶 LIVE ELEMENTS: Live Avatar Control, Live Video & Audio Feed

🎒 INVENTORY/SUPPLEMENTAL: Telescape Live, Soundtrack/Timer Webpage

🔎️ OTHER NOTES: Features 360° View


The family of this home is searching for a good trustworthy group of people to house sit their manor for the Winter. During your time there, you learn about the caretaker and the family, the manor's secrets, and that maybe this isn't the dream stay you were after.



A fascinating tale of an unfortunate family to uncover through a variety of enjoyable puzzles, notable for increased use of one's hearing, rather than constant looking. (No excessive required reading!) Liked the eerie final reveal, but loved my avatar's amusing escape. A handful of surprises and illusions made the "Haunted" manor set and experience unique and memorable.


Production was decent, though improvements could be made for even better visual results. Would love to see more "house" details implemented. A couple of puzzles did not translate online as perfectly as one may hope; they may not invoke players' co-op effort as intended.


Fans of slightly disturbing theme, or just a great story otherwise. Due to the complexity of the story, this is more appropriate for older teens and up. Would recommend max of 4-5.


found house sitting largely pleasant, sans the frequent supernatural disturbances.




The web has job listing galore, but be careful what you're applying for.

On first read, housesitting a lofty manor seems like an easy enough gig. That is until you notice... you're hearing things. Whispers. Sentences. Knocking even. A thought immediately flashes across your panicking mind, "Can this mansion be... 'Haunted'?"

You take a quick glance at the game title, and thought, "Aw shi-"

Conspicuously and appropriately titled, District 3's supernatural inspired entry features ghosts and ghouls. The manor, hidden with sordid history, and the rightful owners, not so alive anymore. You will gradually learn about the true history of the house's past residents, and more horrifyingly, how you fit into the bigger picture.

Given the short pre-game synopsis, it came somewhat surprising that this game featured such an extensive and intriguing backstory. Compared to my previous virtual play, "The Cabin", this estate visit was much more story heavy, and thereby, several folds more immersive.

Thankfully, plot progression was broken into manageable sizes, served to participants little by little through puzzle challenges. Text reading was periodically punctuated by audio exposition, sparing the patrons the true horror scarier than little girl ghost--excessive required reading.

Because much enjoyment was interwoven with the narrative, I can't comment more without spoiling the experience. I can tell you, however, that the story was well thought out, characters fairly developed, and I was invested in the story as much as I was in solving the fun puzzles.

The remote experience is best described as slightly spooky, and far from outright frightening; but, the final eerie reveal, if you catch one certain detail, may send chills down your spine.


This escape room's overall production value was decent, on a comparable level of what I'd previously seen in "Cabin". "Haunted", however, was a clear winner at space management.

Realistically, one would assume the game took place in an office building far smaller than an actual villa. District 3, however, utilized a few tricks up its sleeves--a little forced perspective here, a little deceiving prop there--and magically out came a fairly convincing second floor!

The grand light fixture overlooking the entire lobby was a nice touch; it also played a hidden dual role, rendering it creepily decorative and functional beyond plain illumination.

What impressed me most about the set was perhaps the very first moment when our avatar took off his blindfold. I literally went, "Whoa!" Entirely taking me by surprise, this would probably be the signature feature that most customers would remember for ages.

Nonetheless, this time, I do clearly see potential unrealized. Specifically, for the different "parts" of the mansion that we discovered throughout, it'd be great if one area was themed after a coat closet, another themed after a bathroom, and so on so forth. This was a home sweet home once upon a time, after all. It should, therefore, provide all assumed amenities.


Early in the game, it was made clear that those who entered the manor would not walk out alive, unless they could defeat the many, many challenges lying ahead.

Menacing? Not much, for that is exactly our specialty as escape room experts. Entertaining? Yes, considering how this unnerving building was constructed on a large variety of puzzles and a good amount tech assisted moments, combining to a satisfying stay... mortal dangers aside.

There were still a fair amount of padlocks to unlock. So your usual gen-1 skills of locating metal keys, finding combos, and translating cryptic codes would still apply.

What stood out, however, was a shift from a dominantly visually focused game play to a much more audibly involved experience. This was partly why I found "Haunted" likable--it offered something not so common. Being a great listener is not just a great virtue, it's become a critical tool for staying alive... so make sure your speakers are on, loud (enough), and clear.

Watch out for a special family "Q&A", one of the most interactive moments of the hour!

Finally, there was a particular section that placed great emphasis on team work; and while I liked the overarching theme of cooperation based challenges, it might've worked better in person versus during a remote live streaming play. Puzzles were still 100% solvable--ironically not by co-op, but by solo effort in some instances--they just came off a little awkward.

unscathed departure

Overall, my extremely brief stint as a housesitter ended up exactly how I'd imagined it to be, a fairly well ported remote escape game converted from an existent physical option on site, supported by excellent and professional service from District 3.

Lindsay was again a great host, exhibiting all the same desirable qualities as our avatar: quick, responsive, patient, funny, and committed to his character.

His decision to abandon his camera on a nearby desk during the final moments of the game was baffling at first, then his intention quickly clarified when the final exit opened and he bolted out of the cursed estate, Scooby Doo style! No longer mortally threatened by hostile spirits, he literally left all his worries, and us, behind.

It was, by far, one of the most unexpected and humorous escape I'd witnessed to date. Moments later, Lindsay wondrously reemerged behind the camera, as if to keep the paranormal game theme fully intact. It was then I realized, with his auburn hair color, Lindsay made a decent Shaggy after all.


★ Following the previous housesitter's guidance is a surefire way to avoid perish.

★ Even if something looks physically impossible, request your avatar to try anyway!

★ If you hit a brick wall, calm down, you're closer to salvation than you think. ;)

Signing off,

Escape Mattster

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