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Review: The Experiment | Get The F Out Room

The Experiment

Get The F Out Room presents...


Juice will be served!



Company: Get The F Out Room

Company Website: Click Here

Address: 1500 S Los Angeles St Unit 4,

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Game Name: The Experiment

Game Website: Click Here

Time Limit: 60 Minutes

Difficulty: N/A

Capacity: Up To 10 Players

Room Type: Public/Private



"Participants needed in an escape room study. THE EXPERIMENT. Looking for all ages, male & female, to participate in a psychological study of escape rooms. It will take 60 minutes of your time. Juice will be served." (via official website)



A meta, family-friendly, after-school special vibe escape room with minor plot twists. Actual theme to be discovered in game. Puzzles are widely varied, mostly gen 1 based, and enjoyable across the board. Clever use of space, lighting, and props will open even some enthusiasts' eyes. A tepidly difficult challenge that ends with a promised juice treat.



Please note:

This room, experience, or game is currently not available for booking or purchase. The blog entry will remain on site for your reading enjoyment, and for Mattster's own personal bittersweet trip down memory lane. Please inquire with company if this will become available again in the future, or what other exciting options are currently available. Thank you.

You know how "Scream" defines the term "meta" for the horror genre? It discusses its common film tropes, pokes fun at its predictable conventions, and all the while being the very subject it is referencing--a scary movie. Well, "The Experiment" aims to fill the same shoes in the escape room universe.

Professor Elias wants to know just why the "escape room" fad's got countless people spellbound. Enthusiasts of all ages, male and female, all are encouraged to participate in this psychological social study.

The Experiment

Prior to our volunteering in "The Experiment" | Get The F Out Room

He'll even entice you with juice!

The dilemma with this sort of cryptic premise is that you rarely know what you're signing up for. What's the actual theme? Is it scary? The official site shows an anatomy drawing of a brain. So perhaps a biologist gone mad? None of the existing reviews I read (at the time) gave any definite clue, either--my brain therefore ran wild speculating.

Came game day, I went in with a super-heightened expectation, and subsequently, the actual story fell a bit flat for me.

To avoid potentially the same happening to you, I'll do everyone a solid; here's what you can expect: it is NOT science based, a departure from the company's other offering, "The Virus". It is NOT scary, though there are elements of suspense and mildly dark tones. Finally, there are minor plot twist(s), but it's more accurate to think of them as plausible story developments. (And don't forget the meta theme.)

All in all, I felt like "The Experiment" invoked more of an after-school special vibe--after conflicts came resolutions, a happy ending for all. (Well, for us anyway, because we got out with ease.)

The Experiment

They probably won't do a brain biopsy on you. Probably. | Get The F Out Room

Though I wasn't entirely swept away with the plot, it WAS still a concept you won't encounter often in this industry.

More importantly, "The Experiment" still made quite the delightful Saturday morning outing for my team. With the help of a promo discount, we received way more value than our admission, especially for my friend, who praised "The Experiment" as one the more immersive games she's tried.

I, too, agree that there were areas this room really shined through.

For starters, the beginning parts of the game was constructed around the the architecture and the layout of the building, and thereby used up every nook and cranny of its structure. The owner basically transformed some dead space into part of the journey. Not bad.

Next, the creator knows the overall game design still leans moderately more towards gen 1 inputs, ie traditional locks, so he made sure there is a wide array of puzzle formats to keep things from being stale. Calmly reflecting back now, this game really took out every weapon in the arsenal. There was just so much variety, something that I didn't fully appreciate under the time crunch. (And, oh, the outright deceptions!)

(Of note, you won't be just dealing with locks. There was a handful of tech components, or gen 2 elements, involved, too.)

Truly, we four walked away having experienced what we had never encountered in other venues. Notably, we also learned about the power of strategic lighting in escape room design. And who knew you-know-what is not just good for eating?

Perhaps the only drawback, or advantage depending on perspective, was that the challenges were too easy. I hardly struggled over any given puzzle, and we escaped at a respectable speed without any hint. We even snagged ourselves the bonus prize by completing the bonus challenge.

We walked away completely victorious, and yet secretly, I as a seasoned player yearned for more. On the flip side, this also effectively confirms that "The Experiment" really does welcome participants of all ages, from beginners to experts.

And yes, as promised, juice was served!

The Experiment

I did it for the juice, y'all. (...Haha. 69.) | Get The F Out Room



Mattster's Difficulty Rating:


Notable Strengths:

Intriguing Themes, Family Friendly, Smooth Gameplay, Logical Puzzles, Affordable Pricing, Affable Staff, Customer Service

Great For:

Novice/Beginners, Casual Players, Family Bonding, Leisure Hangout, Those Who Like Plot Reference/Twists

Tips & Advice:

Street parking available right in front of the entrance, though may be scarce on the weekends. Travel safely and be vigilant when visiting at night. There is a bonus challenge with actual reward built into the game. Listen carefully to the rules on how to win it--it wasn't too hard! Try your best to walk away with that bragging right!


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