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Review: DTF: Drag Task Force And The Fabulous Flo Mingo (Remote) | Mystery Mansion Regina


💪 Difficulty: To be determined.

⏲️ Time duration: 75 minutes limit.

🔢 Capacity: 3+ players, up to 10. Private booking.

💬 Hints: Requested by a specific command built into the narrative, in-character avatar will then assist you.

📝 Experience requires Zoom, internet browser, or more. Check for details.

📝 Careful--note potential time difference between your location and the host's when booking.

🛒 If you BOOK due to this blog, please give a shout-out! ;)


💪 Difficulty (as perceived by Mattster): 3 to 4/10 (team of 4). A little bit of scavenging is involved.

🔢 Ideal team size: 3 to 4. Having 4 aids in faster set exploration, and there's still plenty to keep everyone busy!



The devious Ruby Hymen has betrayed the Drag Task Force and has stolen all of their powers. The leader of the DTF, Flo Mingo, has selected you and your team to help the DTF infiltrate Ruby's secret lair. You must find a way to stop Ruby and help the members of the DTF get their powers back! [1) A portion of each ticket will be donated to the Regina non-profit organization, Lulu's Lodge. 2) All content of this room has been reviewed and approved by the Drag Community and is not intended to offend any parties.]


Through the eyes of a drag robot (previously known as Flo-bot, now mechanically modified and converted to Hy-borg, a weapon of mass seduction), you aim to retrieve back the superpowers that once belonged to the original Drag Task Force (a team of drag superheroes), and stop drag supervillain Ruby Hymen from an evildoings. This shouldn't be too hard, since the Flo-bot has been equipped with many fabulous features after all!


"DTF: Drag Task Force And The Fabulous Flo Mingo" is a perfect gem bestowed upon us near the end of a less-than-perfect year. Officially partnered up with local Canadian drag queen The Fabulous Flo Mingo, Mystery Mansion showed us what it's like to blend elements of a theme that is rarely, if ever, employed, (first that I've personally seen), and craft out a delight that not only exemplifies drag culture, but also simply, a masterpiece that shows what great lengths an awesome remote escape room can reach.

I am not surprised that this company is capable of creating wonderful entertainment (see proof here & here), but there are many things surprising about this escape room in particular. What caught me most off guard was ironically just the (true) premise! Per website blurb, I thought the story would mainly revolve around task force members, though had I listened to the intro audio included in my pre-game email, I would've gotten significant clues on what's really to come next.

With minutes of starting, it became known that, (much to all of our surprise), our avatar would play the role of a drag android. (A+ performance no less--the voice, the demeanor, the everything!) And it was through her robotic visual recording system (or "eyes") and her scrumptious body of super features that you would try to stop supervillain, Ruby, from her secret lair within. Except yet again, within minutes, we found out it was all a trap! The mission focus then quickly pivoted to disarming a glittery but explosive device. From task force to bomb squad, just like that.

It was just one curve ball after another. Minds continually blown.

DTF: Drag Task Force And The Fabulous Flo Mingo | Mystery Mansion Regina

To be fair, the superhero aspect of the task force did still interweave into gameplay in a significant sense that, you must properly understand each individual queen's unique abilities to successfully solve all puzzles. Furthermore, it was done cautiously that, even if you have zero knowledge of anything drag, you'll still fare just fine. Utilization of their superpowers was, in the end, a test of your ability to draw connections between specific problems to specific solutions.

And there lies one of the beauties of this title. Whether you're a hardcore drag devotee, or a causal follower of Marvel or DC comics, as long as you're comfortable with the game's omnipresent queer motifs, this is a fantastic room choice for either case. "DTF" didn't pigeonhole itself into being just a "drag escape room"--it is an imaginative and refreshing take on an escape game first and foremost, and then further elevated and embellished by pink galore.

What's also so genius about "DTF" perhaps stems from its being designed and released exclusively as an online-only game from the get-go, a decision that helped shape many ridiculously funny and memorable scenarios that wouldn't have otherwise been remotely sensible in a live in-person game.

For one, having a bionic protagonist is possibly only realistically achievable through the web medium and a well-acted avatar, (I mean, would any on-site customers roleplay as Flo-bots with such meticulous impeccability?), and that in itself gives rise to free rein and greater flexibility for the creator to devise puzzles tailored for a machine-oriented universe...

...One that prompts a certain other world-famous A.I. cameo, showcasing a side of her that you've never seen before!

It all started with coming out of the closet | Mystery Mansion Regina

Now, with a name like "DTF", which stands for "Drag Task Force" and not a solicitation for one certain other intimate gathering of sort, you already know this age 14+ game is littered with suggestive innuendos. (And I love it!)

Truly, there is no separating sexual reference and saucy humor from drag culture, for the embrace of one's freedom of sexual expression is integral to its core messages. While Mystery Mansion and its avatar are no strangers to whipping out their dick... jokes at any given opportune moment, they sometimes go overboard and may come across a bit crass.

Fortunately, that is NOT the case with "DTF", in which its bold one-liners and brazen gags are carefully written into the scripts. In a much more controlled setting, coupled with some occasional well-timed improvisations, they've scored their money shot and hit it right on the eye... Bull's eye, mind you. The comedy, this time, is perfection. Do take note, genitalia will still be mentioned, (it being one of the queen's drag name and all,) just that you'll gladly accept it in all its glory.

In the end, if Mystery Mansion's "Night Terrors" is the horror flagship attraction, "DTF" would be the adult-oriented, tongue-in-cheek humor rendition of the same caliber. Not only did "DTF" prove to be a powerhouse player of a remote escape room, it in itself was the weapon of mass seduction--there's no resisting its undeniable and glamorous appeal.

Not to mention, admission pricing is extremely competitive, and part of it will be donated to a good cause for the LGBTQ community, so the Force is strong--rock hard, even--on this one. The DTF Task Force, that is.

Below are some more key points you may wanna know...

DTF: Drag Task Force And The Fabulous Flo Mingo | Mystery Mansion Regina


The story of DTF--how the queen superheroes came to be, how an argument broke out, and how the players now factor into this mission--is one of the best and most original narratives in all of the remote escape games I've participated thus far. Mystery Mansion's signature eccentric humor feels right at home with the playful nature of drag culture.

However, the main storyline does not directly come into play much during the actual game. Mostly limited as an exposition in a pre-game intro, the plot sets up nicely some key elements, then dissolves quietly into the background--and yet, while "DTF" does ultimately become less story-driven than I expected, it still exudes fabulousness galore.


I've covered all online features available at this company, and I am fairly familiar with its M.O. and style. While I don't think production value is Mystery Mansion's strongest pursuit, this set provides a cute playground more than adequate for Flo-bot to strut her stuff and for the players to have a great time. And there is absolutely no shortage of feather boa here!

Online play is again nicely complemented by the Telescape Live inventory interface, this time even supporting a couple of interactive mini games. One such game enables the customers to maneuver virtual version of prop pieces seen from the avatar's video feed, granting the players an opportunity to engage in direct control and a more hands-on experience.

DTF: Drag Task Force And The Fabulous Flo Mingo | Mystery Mansion Regina


"DTF" boils down to controlling a robot machinery to divert an imminent glittery explosion, and as unrealistic as it sounds, the avatar's full-on committed acting and well-executed banters effectively help sell this scenario. Much like a live drag show, this is so unapologetically frivolous and ludicrous, you volunteer yourself to become part of the fun.


Strictly speaking, the portion of readily reorganizable or "actual" puzzles featured in "DTF" are pretty standard. Those familiar with gen-1 classics will easily pass the tests: putting letters in the correct order to undo combo locks, for instance.

However, these locks function more like pitstops along your journey to eventual success, and much of the real joy derives and happens during the "in-betweens". The challenges presented between padlocks focus on learning and applying various queens' superpowers; and they are far from being formulaic, often lead to lol-funny scenarios, and require creative logic and even "outside the box" thinking to conquer. Best of all, they're all drag-tastically themed!

DTF: Drag Task Force And The Fabulous Flo Mingo | Mystery Mansion Regina


★ A pre-game email sent will contain more than just your game logistics. Make sure to peruse it with care!

★ If Flo-bot seems to stumble without a clear solution, you probably haven't gotten the "upgrade" to advance yet.

★ Similarly, once you acquire a brand new (super)power, don't forget to actually utilize it!


"DTF: Drag Task Force And The Fabulous Flo Mingo" is available for booking HERE.

If you BOOK due to this blog, please give a shout-out! ;)

Signing off,


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Full disclosure: complimentary game access was generously provided for review or testing purposes. All media are sourced from and credited to rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended. In certain cases, media materials are made available under fair use doctrine of copyright law. MMERDTF.


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