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Review: Atlantis | Escape Room LA


💪 Difficulty: 7/10.

⏲️ Time duration: 60 minutes limit.

🔢 Capacity: Up to 8 people. Public and private booking options.

💬 Hints: A game master would stay inside the room with you; they provide help and hints when requested.

🛒 If you BOOK due to this blog, please give a shout-out! ;)


💪 Difficulty (as perceived by Mattster): 6 or 7/10 (team of 3). The most difficult puzzles are multi-layered. Nice!

🔢 Ideal team size: Minimum of 4, but would probably cap at 6. Any more than that could be a chaotic yell fest.



An invitation from an eccentric professor leads you through a secret portal into the fabled lost city of Atlantis. As you search among the ruins, you’ll solve mysterious clues and puzzles, while discovering the long-lost pieces of Poseidon’s fabled trident. Find all of the pieces and escape before your air supply runs out! Set out on the adventure of a lifetime as you explore the spectacular underwater world of Atlantis!


Your eccentric history professor won't do it, but you will! Explore through the ancient ruins of Atlantis, and to find Poseidon's trident's whereabouts, all before time runs out! It's an immersive ancient underwater adventure backed by a beautiful set, high tech gen 2 automation, and challenging puzzles that require effective teamwork.


First, a special note:

This game play took place before pandemic announcement in the United States (before March 2020). This review reflects previous business standards & practice at the time. Your experience may follow new health & safety guidelines where and when applicable. Please contact business venue for operating hours, booking info, and other further inquiries.

The following is adapted from a Yelp review I've previously published.

And now, read away, my lovely readers:

Escape Room LA has been on my escape gaming radar for a while, though a trip to this well known venue hasn't been realized until recently. With 5 options on the menu currently, I was treated to a visit in the fable lost city of "Atlantis" by an eccentric professor. Before we knew it, the portal was open, and I had only so much time until my magical air supply runs out underwater. So, go, just keep swimming!

Having read through my previous paragraph, you pretty much blew through the entire narrative for Atlantis. Your objective, to collect shattered pieces of King Poseidon's trident, then you know, something gleaming follows, game ends. There isn't much to the plot, and there doesn't need to be. Atlantis falls under the category of fantasy scavenging game, garnering key items by overcoming obstacles, and emerging victorious in this live-action video game level, so to speak. Your enjoyment derives from exploration & immersion, and an arguably weak backstory won't detract you from the fun, really.

Besides, as far as visual/audio go, you're treated to the premium standard LA is known for. Atlantis looked wonderful from beginning to end. From the seemingly "boring" explorer's study, to the drenched-in-turquoise-color city of Atlantis, I can tell the owner hired the right people for the job. And although majority of the game took place underwater, I did not necessarily feel that vibe. That is not to say, there's no immersion--just not at the correct sea level. Perhaps more constantly moving, wave like projections would help make the deep ocean come alive. I myself instead perceived this as an adventure in an ancient ruin, and it worked just fine.

For puzzles aspect, from my conversation with the owner, all challenges are conceived by him, who is an escape game lover and expert himself. Therefore, most fortunately, not one single puzzle that suffer from any leap in logic, everything made good sense, and I feel very comfortable recommending Atlantis for its quality puzzle elements. With that said, there is a level of sophistication & difficulty associated with a handful of challenges, and stumped even the best of us--and our team as a whole conquered a LOT of games prior. Spread out, communicate loud and clear, and don't be afraid to ask for clues when necessary.

Technology was well employed, whether it be to produce special effects, or to support the behind-the-scene wiring of automated puzzles. Only a couple of locks appeared; most actions and reveals were congruent with the ancient city setting. Expect to play around with a lot of prop and set pieces! Classic escape room ideas form the backbone, but the latest high tech construction illustrates the final product. It's a harmonious marriage of the two, and I believe that was Atlantis's biggest strength.

Merging all elements mentioned, it's a recipe for a respectable entertainment option. So dive in.

Atlantis ▪ Escape Room LA

And here are some extra afterthoughts:

Yes, the game master (gm) does accompany you inside the room, and while mine was given a role to play, he was really only there for guidance, and mostly responded when spoken to. I did not mind his presence, and enjoyed his confirmation on whether my imminent action would potentially damage any prop--I play extra nice and extra safe!

The escape room business itself is beautifully modeled, though physically located in an iffier part of downtown. I would solemnly recommend everyone to plan ahead; parking could prove painstakingly hard to find. Skid row is a few blocks away, so travel safe.

P.S. A special shout out to EscapeTheRoomers for the invite. Always a pleasant memory.

Atlantis ▪ Escape Room LA


"Atlantis" is available for booking HERE.

If you BOOK due to this blog, please give a shout-out! ;)

Signing off,


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Full disclosure: complimentary game access was generously provided for review or testing purposes. All media are sourced from and credited to rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended. In certain cases, media materials are made available under fair use doctrine of copyright law. ERLAAtlantis.


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