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  • Review: Gold Rush (Remote) | MindTrap Escape Room (Temecula)

    ◣ GAME FACTS 🎮 Game: Gold Rush 💪 Difficulty: Intermediate (84% Success Rate) ⏲️ Time: 60 Minutes BRIEFS 📝 Avatar One Eyed Bill is a brilliant addition to remote play version of "Gold Rush", actually converted one of their most popular games "Gold Rush" for online remote play. BECOMing KANAKA JACK "Gold Rush" is the Mindtrap's token beginner's room, meaning all the puzzles are Key Word(s): "Mindtrap" or "Gold Rush"

  • Review: Operation Nightwalker (Remote) | MindTrap Escape Room (Murrieta)

    If "Gold Rush" was a must-do, then this must be, too. So there ya go, I highly recommend both! Escape Room (Murrieta) Theatrics & Production • It's Quite The Show Having played the fan-favorite "Gold Rush" from Mindtrap prior, I already know from experience that the avatar leading the game will very Rush", and I will say it again here, this is movie set level quality. Looking spacious and detailed, the set must be such an adrenaline rush to play in-person.

  • Feature: Avatar-Led Remote Escape Room, Part 5: What's To Like And Love

    Remote Escape Game "Gold Rush" ▪ The Escape Game PART OF A SERIES There are understandably many curious You could be wearing days old clothing that smell, and none will be wiser. I also always have the irrational fear that I'd somehow have diarrhea--yes, told you I'm going there- Therefore, I hope remote options stick around, maybe for good, providing a great alternative to those

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