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  • Review: The Hincks Gazette (Vol 1, Issue 2 to 7) | Bluefish Games

    RECOMMENDED The Hincks Gazette | Bluefish Games OFFICIAL PREMISE "Hello, Puzzler. The Hincks Gazette | Bluefish Games OVERALL IMPRESSIONS One of the most memorable moments in "The Curious Elevator Of Mr. The Hincks Gazette | Bluefish Games STORY ➤ Each issue features a distinct and humorous breaking news, often a dilemma of sort, that invites the readers to help resolve through the power of puzzle-solving. Games also assume a certain level of "prior knowledge" as they draw inspirations from childhood classics, such as Toy Story or Mario Brothers. The Hincks Gazette | Bluefish Games RECAP SO FAR...

  • THE CURIOUS ELEVATOR OF MR. HINCKS • BLUEFISH GAMES • By-Mail (Boxed) Online Puzzle Game Review

    Hincks 💪 Difficulty: N/A ⏲️ Time: 2-4 Hours 🧑 Capacity: 1-4 Players Recommended 🏢 Company: Bluefish Games 🏘️ Location: Based in United States 🛒 To Purchase Game ◣ FORMAT SPECS 🕹️ Format: By-Mail (Boxed) Online Puzzle Game ✂️ Tools: None Needed (Technically) 💻 Platform: Web Browser 📰 Media Used: Various Media In Box, Text, Images, Audio ◣ "TL;DR!" I've known Bluefish Games creators, Ace and Anna, for a quite a while. In regards to the actual challenge components, very early on, my partner and I both realized Bluefish Games, or at least Mr. No worries, a replay "refill" is included. ★ Sign up for FREE weekly secret puzzle at (the bottom of) Bluefish Games website. Hincks • "BFGElevator" ⤻ Search For All Posts With Key Word(s): "Bluefish Games" or "Curious Elevator"

  • Review: Taco TWOsday | Trapped Puzzle Rooms Trapped Takeout

    . ▪ Classified As: Play At Home » Puzzle Game In A Box (Package) ▪ A taco-themed game night for two (teams) to savor. YOU'LL ENJOY THIS, IF... ▪ If you like food with your games. Every challenge is solid, satisfying, and hits the spot. ▪ If you enjoy these similar/related options: Alone Together series, Unboxing The Mind, Bluefish Games products. There is not one single weak puzzle introduced in this taco game night. The game will feel familiar... but better.

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  • At-Home Recommendations | Escape Mattster: Escape Rooms & Puzzle Games Reviews

    Since becoming obsessed with all things escape rooms and puzzle games related, I've played and experienced a sizable amount of offerings. These are top quality games that would not disappoint. ( on this page is, in fact.) In-Person Games [ 🏅= RECOMMENDED ; 🏆= MUST DO! Prehistoric Park 🏅 Super Squad | Trapped Puzzle Rooms Audio Escape Adventures ​ ​ ​ PURELY ONLINE DIGITAL GAMES 🏅 | Clue Cracker Live Escape... Of Claire Makova, Ep 1 🏆 | Oblivity The Profoctor Predicament ​ ​ ​ BY-MAIL & SUBSCRIPTIONS 🏅 | Bluefish Games The Hincks Gazette: Vol 1, Issue 2 to 7 🏅 | Mobile Escape Mail Season 1, Episode 1: Family Secrets 🏅 Season 1, Episode 2: Missing Person | Mobile Escape Mail 🏆 | Mobile Escape Mail Season 1, Episode 4: On The Run 🏅 Season 1, Episode 5: Lost Library | Mobile Escape Mail 🏅 | Puzzle Post The Missed Flight 🏆 Season 1, Adv...1: Madok's Lost Treasure | Society Of Curiosities ​ ​ ​ PUZZLE GAMES IN A BOX 🏆 | Bluefish Games The Curious Elevator Of Mr.

  • By-Mail & On-Hand Products | Escape Mattster: Escape Rooms & Puzzle Games Review

    ​Mail & On-Hand Products TANGIBLE ITEMS REQUIRED This last category of play-at-home games is one that you may already be familiar with... Ever heard of board games? No matter what format these games take, they all have one thing in common: you possess certain key props on hand in the physical "real world"; otherwise, you proceed. So don't be surprised to see some games spilling over to the " Online Puzzles " family! ​ • Cryptic Events Mobile Escape Rooms • Print & Play (PDF Based) Puzzle Game Review Write a comment Escape Mattster Sep 12, 2020 5 min REVIEW: Legacy: Hellas 2019 (Demo Version) FROM Argyx Games Write a comment Escape Mattster Sep 11, 2020 4 min REVIEW: Season 1, Episode 3: Ancient Mysteries FROM Mobile Escape Mail Write a comment

  • Online Games & Puzzles | Escape Mattster: Escape Rooms & Puzzle Games Reviews

    ​Online Games & Puzzles SELF GUIDED (USUALLY) VIRTUAL ADVENTURES This is probably the category that most people are the most familiar with when it comes to online games, puzzles, and adventures. If you remember the golden age of Flash games, you already know the basis. These included games, however, definitely lean more towards the undeniable signature vibe of escape games, as opposed to just any online entertainment. Nowadays, there exists of format, theme, and style. wide array Most contemporary examples involve games that aim to solve a mystery or complete a mission through a series of challenges. The " Monthly Mystery " from The Escape Game gives a wonderful taste for those who want a sampler

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