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My usual focus is on all things escape rooms, and I am very doubtful that I can label "Project AVATAR" an escape game at all, because it's truly its own breed of chimeric animal.

If I had to describe it, it's a cross between video games, immersive experience, and a dash of escape room puzzling thrown in. And oh, it's all happening in real, in real life. Yes, that's correct.

From the YouTube promo video above, (which I highly encourage you to watch, since production value is quite great), it says, "Real-time game in real life, 90 to 120 minutes of game play, 1-8 players, real locations, use brute force, manage your avatar in real life, extreme transitions, solve puzzles, it's more than an escape room, become a hero right now!"

Intriguing, yes?


I cannot call this a review because there is a limit to what I am allowed to reveal due to my being bound to a nondisclosure agreement. This is an active project still in testing and possible more development phases, and reviewing the experience at this stage wouldn't be fair anyway.

This feature is more to introduce and inform those who are interested in the community that, "hey, something cool is in the making", or more accurately for me, "hey, did you know this exists at all?!"

I am, however, explicitly permitted to talk about my feelings and emotions evoked by what I saw, heard, and otherwise during testing. And here are what I liked about "Project AVATAR" presented by Legendary Quests.


Note: I will be referring to things that you can see from this project's official website, Facebook account, and YouTube channel. This info is open to public, therefore fair to discuss. But in any case, no spoiler intent here.

◘ I've never seen something like this before, though I am not totally surprised someone has thought of it, and finally attempting to make it a reality. Remote escape rooms, after all, are very popular right now.

◘ The production value is awesome. The unusual outdoor setting really brings something novel to the table.

◘ Similarly, the introduction of brute force looks awesome on screen, and I can't help admiring the dedication the team makes for each game reset since things that are destroyed in the process are actually destroyed!

◘ Some of the most cherished moments came from humor. There's a slight cultural discord on what's considered funny vs weird, but I am all for that. I hope to see more that materials' making into the final build.

◘ Characters designs are intriguing. Very Slender Man x Assassin Creed. And you know what, now that I review the media, KYLO REN.

◘ The actor or stuntman playing the avatar is a good sport. He imitated the feel of video game character well, and performed a wide variety of action to very good execution. As always, I commend good commitments.

◘ I think there is a market emphasis difference between their usual audience and the regular escape room community, which is reflected in our feedback of more additions of puzzles. Love me some more puzzles.

◘ I have a good feeling about this project since it's backed by Legendary Quests. I've been following their Instagram for a while, and they create and manufacture very magnificent escape room props and sets.



Project AVATAR with Escape Mattster, EscapeTheRoomers, and The Haunt Girl (Credit: EscapeTheRoomers)

I'm not sure in what ways the game developers will be taking this project after all the feedback, but I can't wait for the moment when they make the public release announcement. I hope all parties involved the best of luck.

All in all, I am so glad to have the privilege to witness and be part of something unusual for its time; it's quite the rare opportunity, indeed!

Signing off,



We at "Escape Mattster" appreciate this company's hospitality and the opportunity to help test this product. Game access was complimentary.

All official media are provided by or credited to respective contents owners, and are used with proper permission for the purpose of this post.


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